We all experience pain at some point in our lives. However, pain resulting in difficulty performing functional daily activities such as trouble bending over, sharp pains in specific areas of your body such as your neck or back, tingling sensations, inflammation, limited mobility in your limbs, or you have recently had surgery or suffered an injury and the pain has become unbearable, you may need Physical Therapy.

Physical therapists (also referred to as PTs) are healthcare professionals specializing in the care and treatment of individuals of all ages with minor to severe injuries, such as sports- or work-related injuries, or medical conditions and disease states that affects or limits patient mobility and daily activities. Physical therapists will utilize a variety of treatments and physical exercises to rehabilitate patients or help prevent further injury.

Physical therapists will examine you and provide you hands-on, personalized care with compassion and knowledge. Through specialized, custom treatment plans created specifically to treat each patient’s needs, Physical Therapists offer their patients care to help them achieve a level of functional independence and confidence that far exceeds their expectations. The ultimate goal of a PT is to ensure their patients can live a pain-free, functional, and healthy lifestyle for a very long time. Many physical therapists work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, fitness facilities, health care clinics, and private practices. Each state requires a Physical Therapist to be licensed in the state they practice

Knowing when to seek the care of a Physical Therapist is imperative to preventative and rehabilitative care for patients. Too often, individuals delay seeking treatment until the pain or injury has become unbearable, many times resulting in the need for surgery, or causing irreparable permanent damage, or a long-term disability.

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